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Wayamba Journal of Animal Science

Pathology of gastric tumour in gold spot mullet (Liza parsia) from Parangipettai coastal waters, southeast coast of India

Ramalingam Vijayakumar, Ayyaru Gopalakrishnan, Vijayapoopathi Singaravel, and Nooruddin Thajuddin
WJAS ID 1530613279 Date : 2018-07-30 Volume : 10

To analysis the gastric tumour by histopathologically in gold spot mullet. Fish sample was directly collected from fishermen in Parangipetai fish landing center. The gastric tumour gross pathology, morphometric, meristic and histopathology characters were investigated. The length and weight of the female fish was 21.1 cm and 248.3 g respectively. The gross morphology showed swelling had both lateral and ventral sides were enlarged. Weight of the stomach tumour was 97.6 g. sizes ranged between 4.2 -7.9 cm in diameter. Due to the tumour infection in stomach, the internal organs were fused with intestine, spleen; liver and ovary were entirely enclosed by tumour tissue. The colour of the tumour tissue was dusty white. Histopathologies of tumour lesions were characterized by polymorphic nuclei and glandular cells point out as gastrinoma. No evidence of local invasion was observed in this case.

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