M.M.R. Chowdhury1, F. Afrin, M. A. Asgar, M. Bashiruzzaman, M.S. Iqbal and M.K. Islam
Date : 2016-09-09 Volume : 8

The present research work was undertaken to study the sex and species variation significantly affected the blood values observed in Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta), Mandril (Mandrillus sphinx) and African green monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops). The values were obtained from 60 healthy animals of these species in Dhaka Zoo. All the animals were divided into three groups on the basis of species, and categorized into two groups on the basis of sex. The values of TEC, TLC, Hb, PCV, and DLC, observed in rhesus monkey were compared with the values obtained in Mandril and African green monkey. In the case of both male and female animals, TEC, TLC, Hb and PCV values obtained in Mandril and African green monkey were significantly lower (p<0.01) than the values obtained in rhesus monkey. The highest neutrophil count and MCV values were observed in male Mandril and male African green monkey, respectively. While comparing the values between male and female animals within same sex, TEC, TLC, Hb, PCV and MCHC values obtained in male animals were significantly higher (p<0.01) than the values observed in female animals. The highest neutrophil and eosinophil count were found in rhesus monkey and MCV values shown in Mandril, male animals were observed a significant higher values (p<0.01) than the values obtained in female animals. 1467435618.php