A preliminary report on prevalence of mange infestation in Dumbi sheep in and around Fort Munru, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan
Mushtaq Hussain Lashari1, Muhammad Saleem Akhtar2, Mazhar Ayaz2, Zahida Tasawar3, Fariha Aziz3, Abdul Asim Farooq2, Sehrish Naqvi1, Muhammad Arshad4 and Saadullah Khan Leghari5
Date : 2016-09-13 Volume : 8

The present study was carried out to examine the prevalence of mange mites in Dumbi (fat tailed) sheep maintained in Fort Munro, Dera Ghazi Khan district of Punjab. A total of 500 Dumbi sheep (122 males and 378 females) of different age were examined from 22 flocks. These sheep were divided into two age groups viz. <2years (n=220) and > 2years (n=280) months. The results of the microscopical examination of the skin scraping were revealed that 85 of the sheep were infested with mites with an overall percentage of infestation 17%. The prevalence of mange mites in male sheep was 33/122 (27.04%) versus 25/378 (13.75 in females. The results regarding the relationship between different age groups of sheep and mange mite showed that the highest prevalence of parasite was observed in sheep more than two years old 60/280 (21.4%) and the lowest in sheep with age less than two years old 25/220 (11.36%). Statistically there was significant differences (P<0.05) according to the sex and age of animals. These results of this study indicate that the sex and age of hosts had effect on prevalence of mange mites in Dumbi sheep. 1468759173.php