Age and Sex Effects on Blood Biochemical Profile of local Rabbits in Sudan
Khalid M. Elamin
Date : 2013-02-18 Volume : 5

This study was conducted to evaluate blood biochemical profile of local rabbits in Sudan. Blood samples from 15 rabbits belonging to three age groups (at 3, 4 and over 5 months of age) were collectec at slaughter. Studied traits were protein (g/dl), urea (mg/dl), Creatinine (mg/dl), Cholesterol (mg/dl), Calcium (mg/dl), Magnesium (mg/dl), Phosphorus (mg/dl) and (potassium mmol/l). The Sex affected (P≤ 0.05) protein concentration in rabbits of over 5 months of age (male: 6.40± 0.85 and female: 7.70± 0.26 g/dL). The age affected (P≤ 0.05) urea and phosphorus concentration at 4months of age. Age and sex affected (P≤ 0.05) cholesterol and magnesium concentration. Concentration of cholesterol was observed 90.37±16.85, 86.40±19.94, 52.60±12.30 and 126.47, 94.47±9.81, 87.73±3.17 for male, females at 3, 4 and over 5 months respectively. Concentration of magnesium was 4.45±0.42, 3.87±0.23, 2.33±0.16 and 3.37, 3.02±0.15, 2.56±0.54 for male, females at 3, 4 and over 5 months respectively. It can be concluded the result might be useful for health and production studies of this breed. 1359712345.php