An alternative approach for Chemical Restraint of Domesticated Elephants in Sri Lanka
Sumanasiri, W.G.C.S.B. and Gamika A. Prathapasinghe
Date : 2010-06-22 Volume : 2

The Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) represents one of the most serious endangered species. Capturing and domestication of these wild elephants can be considered as one of the measures of elephant conservation. Domesticated elephants play a major role during festival processions in Sri Lanka. However, there is always a risk of getting panic and disobeying of these animals to the mahout’s order. Self-Tranquilizer was invented to overcome the constraint such as difficulty of reaching and targeting the
elephant in a crowded area, prolong loading time of the tranquilizer drug etc,experienced when palmer cap-chur gun is used. Current study was mainly based on data collected through primary survey and experimental form. Target people of the study were, elephant owners and senior officers attached to Wild Life Department of Sri Lanka. Data were collected using structural questionnaire which included general information about captive
elephant management. Survey was concluded that approximately 115 of
tamed elephants were rared in the Sri Lanka. Objective of this study was to do a feasibility assessment about Self-Tranquilizer as a safe, reliable and user friendly method to tranquilize elephants during festive processions. Novel device of the Self- Tranquilizer was experimented by using the dead elephant’s skin. Mechanical background of this machine was fully telephone operated. Major important part of this machine was auto-plunger.
The auto-plunger can be used as a proper Intramuscular drug
administrating device. This machine was prepared to fix on the neck of the elephant. In any elephant was out of control, the veterinary surgeon can tranquilize the elephants just by dialing the secrete mobile number that is assigned to the particular elephant. Self- Tranquilizer found to be important to regain and safeguard the public confidence and safety, respectively. 1277200935.php