An Assessment of Management Activities of Women Pastoralists in Support of Household Livelihood in Olorunsogo Area of Oyo State, Nigeria
Akangbe J. A., Komolafe S. E. and Akinwumi O. V.
Date : 2015-07-21 Volume : 7

This study assessed the management activities of women pastoralists in support of household livelihood in Olorunsogo Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. Multistage random sampling was used to select sample. The total sample size used was 116 respondents. Data were collected with the aid of interview schedule and were analysed with descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentages, mean score and means ranking while Pearson Product Moment Correlation analysis was used to test for hypothesis. Results of data analysed showed that about 61.21% of respondents were aged between 31 – 40years. Majority (67.24%) had no formal education. Analysis of respondents’ involvement in pastoral management activities revealed that feeding and caring of livestock was ranked 1st, marketing of animals and animal products 2nd while watering of animals was ranked 3rd. Above 90% indicated that they use their income for clothing of children, purchase of jewelleries, and payment of children school fees. PPMC analysis had revealed that feeding and caring for animals, collection of manure and marketing of animals were positively significant to areas in which respondents spend their income made from management of pastoral activities. Higher above 80% indicated unavailability of extension agents, poor access to credit facilities and multiple household tasks as their major constraints to effective management of pastoral activities. The study concludes that pastoral management activities of most women pastoralists were purposely for the support of household livelihood. To further enhance management capacity of women pastoralist for improve productivity and better support for household livelihood, effort should be made by women pastoralists to form strong credit cooperative society in other to empower themselves financially as well as accessing information. 1436190133.php