Animal Manure as Raw Material for Vermicomposting
G. P. Kalmath and M. Narayana Swamy
Date : 2012-10-09 Volume : 4

Animal manure is one of the major underutilized resources in many countries. Animal manure mainly refers to excreta (dung) and urine along with the bedding material mixed with soil. Animal manure is available either in dairies, slaughterhouses or at the backyards of the houses (Mukund and Chavan, 2007). Along with other animal wastes and agro-industrial wastes, animal manure is creating environmental problems like, dispensing foul odors, occupying vast areas, ground and surface water pollution etc. The manure generated by animal production is currently receiving a great deal of attention in the water quality arena. Adoption of better animal waste management practices can reduce the transport of nutrients and pathogens from animal farms to ground and surface water, which could improve the water quality. 1344418534.php