Cadmium: Its extent of pollution and toxicosis – an animal perspective
Tapan Kumar Das1*, Sankar.V1, Veena Mani1, Dipak Banerjee1, Dibyendu Chakraborty2, Manik Chandra Pakhira3 and Bhuvnesh Shrivastava4
Date : 2011-08-30 Volume : 3

Cadmium (Cd) is a potentially toxic to both humans and animals. Since, it does not have any detectable nutritional role in the biological system and because of its cumulative nature; its consumption even at the lower levels may affect the performance of animals in terms of production as well as immunity. Excess levels of Cd not only affect the animals health but, it adversely affect human health through consumption of meat/dairy product from these animals as some quantity of Cd is stored in edible tissues or secreted through milk. The present review focuses on the detailed overview of general perspective of Cd and its effect on hemato-biochemical parameters, immunity and oxidative stress indices. 1314707618.php