Comparative Efficacy Of Advanced Surgical Hemostast In Canine Hepatotomy
Syed Wasim Abbas, Hamid Akbar, Muhammad Arif Khan, Muhammad Naveed Ali, Ahtzaz Haider
Date : 2017-01-30 Volume : 9

Hepatic surgeries are very common in canines. Hepatic injuries causes serious health issues which may result in death of animals. Liver is a highly vascularized organ and chances of bleeding are very high in hepatic surgeries. Various techniques and materials have been attempted to manage bleeding, but a standard method has not been defined yet. We studied the hemostatic effects of Surgicel Snow and Surgicel Fibrillar in hepatotomy of dogs. The dogs were divided into three groups via group A, B and C with four dogs in each group. All three groups were anesthetized by the combination of xylazine (1.1mg/kg) and ketamine (5.5 mg/kg) administered intravenous. Group A received Surgical Gauze, Surgicel Snow was employed in Group B and Surgicel Fibrillar was used in Group C. Hemostasis time, LFT, CBC, TPR, Ultrasonography were evaluated. Hemostasis time was significantly less in animals who had received a Surgicel Snow compared to Surgicel Fibrillar and Surgical Gauze. LFT values were significantly different among all three groups. CBC values also differ among all groups. In TPR there were no significant differences in all groups. All groups showed no changes during Ultrasonography of liver. Surgicel Snow is better hemostat than Surgical Fibrillar. It is the best hemostat with minimum blood loss and least effects on liver function. 1482296856.php