M. D. Fathima Sufina, A. M. J. B. Adikari, G. A. S. N. Gamlath and W.M.A.S. Wijesundara
Date : 2018-11-30 Volume : 10

Commercial broiler hatcheries use two types of incubators to hatch eggs. This study was carried out to compare the effects of single and multi-stage incubators on incubation, chick quality parameters and broiler performances. One thousand two hundred eggs (57 – 64 g) from MX male x Cobb 500 female (35 – 40 wk) were collected and incubated in the single stage (SS) and multi stage (MS) incubators with four replicates and 150 eggs per each. At the end of incubation, moisture loss of eggs, hatchability and chick quality parameters such as chick weight, chick length and pasgar score, were measured. Chicks were reared in the open house for a period of 40 days to evaluate the performances. Data were analysed using two sample t-test in SAS. The initial egg weight and hatchability were not significantly (P > 0.05) different. Moisture loss of eggs in MS incubator was significantly (P < 0.05) higher than SS incubator. Chick quality parameters were not significantly (P > 0.05) different among chicks hatched from two different incubators. The highest average body weight and the lowest FCR were observed in birds hatched from MS (1.72 kg and 1.84) and the highest average carcass yield and dressing percentages were in SS (79.6% and 76.2%) incubator. The moisture loss during incubation is higher in the MS incubator. Both types of incubators do not affect the hatchability and chick quality traits. The SS incubated chicks result the better dressing percentage and carcass yield. 1540227534.php