R.S.Ghasura, A.S.Sheikh, R.M.Rajpura, B.K.Ashwar, Rohit Charan
Date : 2012-09-06 Volume : 4

A study was conducted to identify the constraints in poultry farming by collecting data from 110 poultry farmer entrepreneurs in Banaskantha district of Gujarat State. The data was analyzed by statistical tools .The poultry entrepreneurs were constraints faced by availability of birds, personal, situational, economic and marketing aspect of poultry enterprise. Majority of poultry entrepreneurs faced by low egg price during summer, high cost of feed price and medicine, lack of adequate credit facilities, fluctuated price for the poultry products and to increase risk and uncertainty of poultry enterprise and mortality of chicks are so high, non availability veterinary promotion aids on poultry farming were observed to be the major constraints perceived by the poultry entrepreneurs . Establishment of poultry co-operative societies, Mobile lab diagnostics in 24 hrs, provision of loans to needy poultry farm entrepreneurs at reasonable interest rate and conducting awareness programmes among poultry farm entrepreneurs on various scientific poultry farm management practices will lessen the prevailing constraints in poultry farming, which in turn improve the poultry production to create livelihood opportunity and to create more economic activity in rural areas. 1346648179.php