Curcuma longa: An Alternative to Antibiotics to Combat Mastits in Cattle
Vaibhav D. Bhatt, Bhavyata B. Pandya, Chaitanya G. Joshi and Anju P. Kunjadia
Date : 2013-04-22 Volume : 5

This study investigated the effect of various antibiotics and the raw extract of plant Curcuma longa (Haldi) against micro-organisms responsible for bovine mastitis- inflammation in the mammary gland. Milk was collected from the affected cows from Anand district in Gujarat. Microorganisms from the milk were isolated and characterized using various biochemical tests. In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of all the isolates was checked against 16 different antibiotics using the agar disc diffusion method. Of the 12 isolates selected in the study, most showed total resistance to Gentamicin and Erythromycin antibiotics. It was also observed that the patterns of bacterial resistance have not changed in India over the years. C. longa raw extracts from its roots were prepared in ethanol and tested against the mastitis causing organisms by adding its different concentrations in wells prepared in the agar plates. The result shows significant antibacterial activity against the tested mastitis causing bacteria. However the effect was checked on a few elite organisms. Promising effect of C. longa in combating mastitis pathogens incites further research in the area. 1363148715.php