Diagnosis of abnormal ureteral opening in dog by ultrasonography – 2 case studies.
E. R. K. V. Edirimanne, A. M. U. Atapattu, U. V. G. S Kumara and D. D. N. De Silva
Date : 2017-01-06 Volume : 9

Abnormalities in ureteral emptying are results of congenital ectopic ureters where the ureters open into the urethra, or occlusion of the normal ureteral openings by intra or extra luminal masses or depositions. Two dimensional (2D) and colour Doppler ultrasonography are convenient methods to diagnose these conditions. This communication discusses two case studies of abnormal ureteral emptying diagnosed by ultrasonography. Case study 1 (C1) was a 13 year old female dachshund with complaints of chronic mild hematuria, polallkiuria and mild urinary incontinence. Case study 2 (C2) was a 10 month old female crossbred dog with the complaint of urinary incontinence since birth. Both patients were subjected to 2D and colour Doppler examinations. In C1, a mildly distended bladder lumen contained echogenic debris suspected as blood clots and an acquired pseudo ureterocoele created by densely accumulated debris were identified. Right ureteral jet was identified but the left ureteral jet was absent. Following treatment targeted for controlling cystitis and bleeding, the pseudo ureterocoele was absent and both ureteral jets were visible. In C2, after hydration and diuresis by 0.5 mg/kg furosemide injection, an ectopic ureter was visible, which traced to the distended left renal pelvis cranially and extended beyond the bladder neck caudally. Only the right ureteral jet was visible in C2 as well. C2 was treated for urinary tract infection (UTI) and subsequently subjected to corrective surgery of ectopic ureter. Urinary incontinence was significantly reduced in C2 post surgically. 2D and Doppler ultrasonography with the combination of furosemide diuresis test are useful methods to diagnose abnormal ureteral emptying. 1483184183.php