Effect of Dietary Inclusion of Gum Arabic (Acacia senegal ) on Performance and Blood Chemistry of Broiler Chicks
Siham, A. Abdalla., Khadiga, A. Abdel- Atti., Huwida, E. E Malik., Bakheit, M. Dousa and Khalid, M. Elamin
Date : 2014-12-30 Volume : 6

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of feeding graded levels of gum arabic (0%, 2.5%, %5 and 7.5%) on the performance and blood chemistry of broiler chicks. A total of 192 unsexed broiler chicks (Cobb strain) were randomly assigned in four dietary treatments. Each treatment contained six replicates (8 birds/replicate). Feed and water were offered ad libitum throughout the experimental Period (42 days).. Feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion ratio were not influenced by the dietary inclusion of gum arabic. The results also revealed that the different levels of gum Arabic had no effect on serum constituents, except total protein which increased significantly. Cholesterol, creatinine and triglyceride levels were decreased significantly in bird fed 5% and 7.5% gum arabic. It is concluded that the incorporation of gum Arabic in broiler chickens diets has a positive effects on broiler chicks performance and reduced serum cholesterol levels, creatinine and triglyceride. 1400572978.php