Effect of incorporation of tea (Camellia assamica) waste in the rations of crossbred cattle calves (Jersey x Assam Local) on different blood biochemical parameters
S.S. Patil1, B. N. Saikai, K. K. Baruah, D. D. Garg1, H. H. Savsani1and Y. Gami2
Date : 2013-03-06 Volume : 5

Tea (Camellia assamica) waste as a byproduct of tea industry contains fluffs, stalks and is very rich in crude protein (21.9 %) with high level of all amino acids. The study was planned to evaluate the effect of feeding different levels of tea waste supplemented rations on different biochemical parameters of crossbred calves (Jersey x Assam Local) and to ascertain the level of inclusion of factory tea waste in the diets of these animals. The overall mean values of post experimental period for blood glucose (mg/dl), total serum protein (g/dl), blood urea nitrogen (mg/dl) and blood cholesterol (mg/dl) were recorded and values showed non-significant differences among different groups and all the values were found to be well within the normal range. Results of the experiment revealed that tea waste can be successfully incorporated in the diets of crossbred cattle calves by replacing wheat bran in the concentrate mixture up to 100 percent level. 1361533256.php