M.T. Udawaththa, Adikari A.M.J.B.and G.A.S.N.Gamlath
Date : 2018-10-22 Volume : 10

Cooling system of egg incubators influences the quantitative and qualitative parameters of day old chicks. Two types of multistage incubators such as water cooling (WC) and air cooling (AC) are used by commercial hatcheries to hatch eggs. This study was carried out to evaluate the hatchability and chick quality parameters between air and water cooling incubators. The experiment was conducted at the Hatchery, Bairaha Farms PLC, Sri Lanka. One thousand two hundreds (1200) eggs from MX male x Cobb 500 female were collected from the breeder farm. Eggs were incubated in water and air cooling incubators separately. Egg quality parameters such as egg weight reduction and hatchability, were measured at the end of the setter period. Live chicks and hatch residues were collected separately at the end of incubation period. Chick quality were evaluated by measuring the chick weight, chick length and pasgar score. Egg break out test was conducted with hatch residues. Data was statistically analyzed using two sample t-tests in SAS. Results revealed that there were significant differences (p<0.05) in egg weight reduction, hatchability, chick length and chick weight between two incubators. Higher values for egg weight reduction (9.7%), hatchability (90.4%), chick weight (42.4 g) and length (18.8 cm) were observed in WC incubator compared to AC incubator. Pasgar score did not show any significant difference (p>0.05) between two incubators. Egg breakout analysis showed that higher embryo mortality occurred in the AC type incubator. It is concluded that WC incubator performs better than AC incubator. The WC incubator could be recommended for commercial broiler hatcheries to produce good quality day old chicks. 1533274662.php