Effect of poultry byproduct meal based diet on performances of weaning and growing pigs
M.G.S.M. VIDYARATHNA and Jayaweera BPA
Date : 2016-09-09 Volume : 8

The major constraint for pork production is high feed costs. Poultry by-product meal (PBM) is a cheap, locally produced animal protein source available in Sri Lanka which is high protein feed ingredient potentially suitable for swine diet. This study was conducted to determine the effect of low cost standard diet and low cost high protein diet formulated with PBM as an animal protein supplement on performances of weaning and growing pigs. Landrace weaner piglets (n=18) in both sexes with live weight of 7-8 kg were assigned to three dietary groups of T1: standard diet without PBM: (control), T2: standard diet with PBM, and T3: high protein diet with PBM. The body weight, length, heart girth and height were measured for 90 days. Average daily feed intake, average daily gain, FCR and feed costs were calculated. Two sample t-tests were carried out using SAS 9.2 to analyse average weight gain and body parameters. There was a significant difference (p<0.05) between treatment and control group of pigs for body weight gain, heart girth gain, height gain from 65 days to 130 days of age with high protein PBM based diet. No significant difference was recorded for length (p>0.05). Higher FCR was observed in piglets fed with diets containing higher levels of PBM. High protein swine diets with over 15% PBM gave better performance with relatively low cost. The experiment concludes that High protein swine diet containing 10% – 26% of poultry by-product meal can be used without negative effect in growth performances of pigs. 1472216229.php