Khan AK,Ahmad N, Mohsin I, Ahmad S
Date : 2018-07-30 Volume : 10

Eighteen male goats aged 1.2 years with an average weight 40 ± 2 kg were used to determine the effects of potato inclusion on growth performance of Beetal male goats. Animals were divided into three equal groups and assigned for control and two experimental diets containing potatoes, which was at 0% (TMR1), 7% (TMR2), and 14% (TMR3), respectively. The results showed that dietary treatments had a significant effect on feed intake. Whereas potato feeding up to 7% or 14% did not influence (P > 0.05) the average daily weight gain in Beetal male goats when compared to control diet. Digestibility coefficients of dry matter, crude protein, ether extract and crude fiber did not change significantly, whereas digestibility of crude ash was lower (P < 0.05) in goats fed 7% potatoes in the diet, when compared to rest of the treatment groups. Blood glucose and blood urea nitrogen levels did not change (P > 0.05) in Beetal male goats fed on zero% (control), 7% and 14% potatoes. Potatoes feeding did not affect the fecal score (P > 0.05) among all the dietary treatments in Beetal male goats. The total mixed ration (TMR) having 7% potatoes were having lowest price and relatively more body weight gain, when compared with those Beetal male goats fed zero% (control) or 14% potatoes based TMR. It could be concluded that potato can be successfully fed to Beetal male goats without any adverse effect on the performance. Also, potatoes can be used economically in the formulation of sheep rations. 1525699031.php