Effect of Seasonal Variables on Cow Milk Production of Smallholders at Voltar, Gorusinghe and Jholpe villages in Nepal
Ram Asheshwar Mandal, Nir Krakauer, Ajay Jha, Tarendra Lakhankar, Mohan P. Sharma and Pramod Kumar Jha
Date : 2016-08-03 Volume : 8

The seasonal variables play a significant role in milk production of cow but such study was not done yet in Nepal. This research was objectively carried out to show the variation in temperature, rainfall and humidity and find the effect of seasonal variables on milk production. Small holders of three sites particularly Voltar, Jholpe and Gorusinghe of Dhading, Syangja and Kapilwastu districts respectively were selected for this study. Primary data specifically temperature, rainfall and humidity from automatic local weather stations were recorded from July, 2013 to February, 2014 and daily milk production was noted for 244 days from three farmers of Voltar, four of each from Jholpe and Gorusinghe sites. Collected data were analyzed statistically to compare the milk production of these sites. Moreover natural log regression was used to correlate between milk yield and seasonal variables. Average temperature was 27.19 0C in June, 2013 at Voltar, maximum rainfall was 615.50 mm in July at Jholpe and humidity was recorded 94.21 % in February at Gorusinghe. Average milk production of small holders showed 9.11, 8.82 and 5.69 L at Jholpe, Voltar and Gorusinghe respectively, hence one way ANOVA and Tukey’s b showed differences in milk yileds among them of these sites at 5% level of significant. The r2 values were 0.460, 0.794 and 0.805 between temperature and milk production of small holders of Voltar, Jholpe and Gorusinghe respectively. Similarly, r2 value was 0.733 between rainfall and milk yield of Gorusinghe. However, there was varying effect of humidity on milk production. 1467645923.php