Effect of semen diluent additives on Spermatozoal Viability of Kankrej bull semen following Cryopres
B. R. Patel and G. M. Siddiquee
Date : 2012-09-04 Volume : 4

Total 60 ejaculates, 10 each from 6 mature Kankrej bulls were divided into 3 equal aliquots, the first aliquot was added with TFYG diluent with EDTA (0.1%), second with TFYG diluent and caffeine (0.5%) as semen diluent additives and third without additive as control and each aliquot was evaluated at post diluted, post equilibrated and post thawed stages for individual motility, live sperm count, abnormal sperm count and acrosomal integrity. The percentage of individual motility, live sperm and acrosomal integrity were significantly higher (P < 0.05) and abnormal sperm count was significantly lower (P < 0.05) in presence of EDTA and caffeine as compared to TFYG diluent without any additive at all stages of semen preservation. It can be concluded that motility, viability and acrosomal integrity of spermatozoa were increased and abnormality was decreased after addition of EDTA and caffeine as additives when compared with TFYG diluent without any additive. 1343241546.php