Effect of various levels of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer with sheep and goat manure on Morphology, yield and Chemical composition of Jumbo Fodder Production
Khatun, M. J., Khan, M. K. I. and Shariar, S. M. S.
Date : 2014-06-26 Volume : 6

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of various levels of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer with sheep and goat manure on botanical parameters, yield and chemical composition of Jumbo fodder. The experiment was conducted by using 10 ton/hector sheep and goat manure as basal dose for all treatments. Treatment T1 is control without any inorganic fertilizer, T2 contain 50 kg/hector urea and 50 kg/hector triple super phosphate (TSP), T3 applied 100kg/ hector urea and 60kg/hector TSP and T4 applied 150kg/hector urea and 70 kg/hector TSP. Six plants were randomly collected from each plot and measured the length of every plant, stem length, leaf length, stem diameter and number of leaf in cm by using meter stick at 60 days and 75 days from planting and recorded. A significant effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer application on plant leaf and stem length was observed with 100kg/hector nitrogen and 60kg TSP/hector at 75 days of harvesting. Whole plant length was not significant but tallest plant was observed in T3 treatment. Stem and leaf percentage was insignificant but highest percentage was found in T3. Total yield of fodder was highly significant and highest in T3 (55.22ton/ hector). Significant effect was observed on DM% of whole Jumbo fodder, leaf and stem of fodder. Highest DM was found about 27.29% in T4. Ash% was also found to be significant but with higher doses of nitrogen found lower ash. A significant effect was also found on CP% and it also observed that with higher doses of nitrogen fertilizer increased the CP % of Jumbo fodder. DM and CF percentage of whole Jumbo fodder increased with the maturity of fodder but the CP, ash and NFE content of fodder decreased with the age of fodder and CP decreased by around 3%, Ash 1 to 1.5% and NFE 2% when Jumbo was harvested at 60 days instead of 75 days. From this study it is suggested that 100kg/hector urea and 60kg/hector TSP can be used with sheep and goat manure for highest production of Jumbo fodder and its nutritive value. 1395728220.php