Equine Diseases: A Retrospective Prevalence Study in Farm Conditions in Bangladesh
Suchandan Sikder, AM Ekhlasur Rahman, Umme Kulsum Rima, Md Abdul Alim, Subhagata Das, Bhajan Chandra Das, Md Rayhan Faruque
Date : 2012-02-12 Volume : 4

A retrospective study was conducted to identify equine clinical diseases and their prevalence in farm conditions in Bangladesh from January�04 to December�10. Veterinary Hospital of RVFD, Equitation School, Dhaka and Riding School of BMA, Chittagong were the area of study. A total of 1026 cases of 41 different diseases and disorders were recorded. Significantly higher (p<0.05) prevalence was found in Pakistani thoroughbred (45.03%), male horses (93.66%) and in summer season (71.73%) compared to Bangladeshi crossbred (20.76%), female horses (6.34%) and winter season (28.27%). Higher prevalence rate was also recorded in horses of above 4 year age (97.56%). It was also observed that horses were highly vulnerable to integumentary systemic disorders (40.25%) and wound (25.53%) among different systems involvement and disorders. The study will provide an idea about the prevailed equine diseases to the practitioners and researchers. It will also support the planning and implementation of equine disease control and eradication program. There are scopes for extensive study on the diseases. 1329045675.php