Evaluation of shelf life of three Haemorragic Septiceamia vaccines made of improved adjuvant with pr
Priyantha M.A.R, Gunawardana, G.A., Vipulasiri, S., Rathakrisnum.,R.A.T.Chandima.
Date : 2009-12-22 Volume : 1

Haemorragic Septiceamia (HS) is an acute, fatal disease affecting cattle and Buffaloes in tropical countries in Asia and Africa. The causative agent has been identified as specific serotype of 6: B of Pasteurella multocida. This is an economically important disease due to the high mortality especially in young animals. Killed vaccine is practiced in Sri Lanka annually as a mass-scale vaccination program before the onset of rainy season. Mineral oil is used as the adjuvant of current vaccine that has given success so far.
Shelf life of current HS vaccine is 6 months at 40C temperature and time duration is not enough for quality testing, transportation and vaccination in field. To overcome that, new vaccines were made and tested with improved adjuvant of ISA 50V2, ISA 206VG, ISA 70VG with mice model. Viscosity of each vaccine also was evaluated since it was important during administration.
Both ISA 50V2, ISA 206VG adjuvant made vaccine were given better logarithmic protection level after one year period of storage and rest were not. Viscosity of the ISA 206 VG adjuvant also was satisfied and shown 12 months of extended self life, proven as better adjuvant for Haemorragic Septicemia vaccine in Sri Lanka.