Field Study on Efficacy of Red Pepper (Capsicum Annum) Along with Antibiotics against Newcastle Disease in Broiler at Narail Sadar Upazilla, Bangladesh
S. M. Hanif, Mirza Mienur Meher, Gopal Chandra Biswas and AKM Mostafa Anower
Date : 2016-12-01 Volume : 8

This study was carried out to determine the efficacy of red pepper in controlling Newcastle Disease (ND) along with some symptomatic antibiotic and supportive therapy. A total of 1110 broiler from two farms were used in this study. The results revealed that the inclusion of red pepper (8 pieces per liter water) along with combined antibiotics produce higher efficacy in controlling ND, where survival rate was 92.35% in one farm (Farm A) and 90.5% in another farm (Farm B) containing 600 broilers at the age of 19 days. Overall mortality reduces to 15.88% and 18.5% of Farm A and Farm B, respectively. After treatment with red pepper the average body weight was recorded 1.57 kg and 1.6 kg at the age of 35 days in two farms respectively. Therefore, the study revealed that inclusion of red pepper helps to control the ND in broiler. When red pepper act as natural drug and widely used for prophylactic treatment then small scale farmers will be capable to produce with cost effectively. It is therefore recommended that further research is essential to know the antiviral activity of red pepper in poultry. 1474474654.php