Genetic diversity estimation in Black Bengal Type Goat population using microsatellite markers
Priyanka Mishra, SP Dixit, RAK Aggarwal, PS Dangi and N K Verma
Date : 2015-01-23 Volume : 7

Black Bengal Type goats are medium and small sized animals found in Mayurbhanj, Kendujhar and Baleshwar districts of Orissa. Genetic characterization of these animals was carried out using a battery of twenty five microsatellite markers. Microsatellite markers provided 255 alleles. The average observed and effective number of alleles were 10.20 and 4.29, respectively. Average expected and observed heterozygosity was 0.59 and 0.71, respectively. Polymorphic Information Content value varies from 0.55 to 0.91 with an overall mean of 0.81. Within population inbreeding estimate (FIS= 0.17) showed moderate level of inbreeding. L-shaped curve showed that Black Bengal Type goat population had not faced any recent genetic bottleneck.<a href="">70-483 exam</a>
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