Identification of Big Cat Species by DNA based PCR-RAPD Technique
Satheesha, G.M., Byre gowda, S.M., Nagaraja, C.S., Jayashankar, M.R. , Nagaraju, S.
Date : 2015-08-14 Volume : 7

Characterization of genetic variation at the DNA level has generated significant advances in species identification of various animals for forensic purpose. Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) is the simplest molecular method effectively used to develop species specific DNA fingerprinting patterns. PCR-RAPD technique was adapted in the present study to produce species specific fingerprinting pattern in the three wild big cats namely tiger, lion and leopard. Out of the ten random primers used, three primers viz., M13, D1 and U3 produced polymorphic banding patterns. Where, primer U3 was effectively used to differentiate tiger and lion tissue samples, primer M13 differentiated tiger and leopard species and primer D1 was ideal for comparing all the three species of big cats. Overall, the simplicity of RAPD-PCR patterns could make this technique suitable for forensic identification of various tissue samples among big cats. 1430146133.php