Improving comfort and welfare to mitigate stress in dairy animals – A Review
T. K. S. Rao, I. S. Chauhan, A. B. Fulsoundar, V. V. Gamit, K. Parveen
Date : 2014-12-31 Volume : 6

The majority of cows are now culled due to poor health and welfare. All cows should obtain adequate comfort, the design of stall and other management should be practiced to facilitate 14 hrs of lying time for each cows within a pen. Stall should be designed to allow cows to assume natural resting postures. Feed bunk management must be practiced to accommodate 3-5 hrs per day of feeding time per cow. Stocking density at stall should not go beyond 120%. Attention should be paid for welfare standard by reducing lameness, mastitis, milk fever, ketosis and improving lying time in herd. Disease related to stress/comfort include hock or neck injury, stall behavior, stall use index, stall standing index and BCS should be considered as key point to know the status of stress in cows. Behavior observation can provide clue for possible changes could be made. Stall modification can provide immense benefits to animal wellbeing, production and longevity. Stall manners while resting, eating, walking or occupying provides further information regarding comfort. Interventions are required at different aspects of management to mitigate stress and ultimately improve the production potential of herd. 1419152024.php