Induced Twinning in Cattle – Boon or Bane ?
G. P. Kalmath and M. Narayana Swamy
Date : 2014-12-31 Volume : 6

Cattle generally ovulates single ova (monotocous) under most circumstances, with a successful pregnancy producing only one offspring per pregnancy. Occasionally, the reproductive process in cattle results in twin birth as with many other monotocous species. As twinning is increasing over the time, dairy industry must be prepared to cope up with the negative effects of twinning (Guerra-Martinez et al., 1990). Lack of basic and applied scientific data on twinning in dairy cattle made the dairy industries less prepared to make better management decisions to mitigate these negative effects. Better understanding of physiologic mechanisms associated with twinning will encourage adaptations of sound managemental practices which can minimize/mitigate the negative effects of twinning. 1402722533.php