Induction of synergistic potency of vitamin A and Spirulina against persistent arsenic poisoning in mice
Md Rashedunnabi Akanda
Date : 2015-04-20 Volume : 7

A study was conducted to evaluate the induction of potency of Spirulina combined with vitamin A on persistent arsenicosis on hemato-biochemical alteration in white mice. Sixty white mice were randomly divided into 5 groups viz: control group (T0), (T1), (T2), (T3) and (T4). Mice in Group T0 were given feed ad-libitum and water. Mice in Groups T1, T2, T3 and T4 were treated orally with 4 mg of sodium arsenite/kg body weight daily, for 63 days. In addition to the sodium arsenite, the mice in groups T2 and T4 were simultaneously fed with spirulina 1 mg/kg of feed ad-libitum while groups T3 and T4 were fed vitamin A at 2500 IU/kg of feed ad-libitum up to 63 days, respectively. The values of Serum Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase (SGOT) enhance significantly (P<0.01) in all the treated groups of mice (T1, T2, T3 and T4) compared to the control (T0) group, but Spirulina combined with Vitamin A produced values significantly comparable to the untreated control group. Whereas Serum Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase (SGPT) showed minor significance differences among the treatment groups, Spirulina combined with Vitamin A appeared most effective in managing arsenic treatment. Spirulina + Vitamin A increased the values of Total erythrocyte count (TEC), Total leukocyte count (TLC) and Hemoglobin (Hb) against arsenic toxicity in mice but showed no significance differences. The combination of Spirulina and vitamin A were found more successful in the prevention of Persistent arsenicosis in mice than using these substances (Spirulina or Vitamin A) only 1405325458.php