Influence of genetic and non-genetic factors on incidence of reproduction problems in Karan Fries c
Balasundaram, B., V. B. Dongre, A. K. Gupta, T. K. Mohanty, P. C. Sharma, Keviletsu Khate and R. K. Singh
Date : 2010-11-23 Volume : 2

In the present investigation, the effect of genetic and non-genetic groups on the incidence of reproductive problems has been studied. The effect of genetic group was found to be non-significant for all the reproduction problems in both first and all calvers. However, the effect of season of calving on repeat breeding and anoestrous was found to be significant and similar results was observed for period on pyometra in all calvers and but was not significant in first calvers. The cows suffered with anoestrous had non-significant effect on total milk yield and dry period while significant effect was found on 305-days milk yield, lactation length, calving interval and service period. However, the effect of pyometra on production and reproduction traits was non-significant. The overall incidence of repeat breeder, anoestrous and pyometra cows was 10.7, 22.5 and 1.53 % respectively for first calvers and 11.7, 18.5 and 2.30 %, respectively for all calvers. 1290505159.php