Investigation of genetic relationships among Hamra and Beni-Ighil sheep breeds based on microsatellite markers
Suheil Samir Bachir GAOUAR, Samia KDIDI, Nacera TABET AOUEL, R AIT-YAHIA, Nadjet BOUSHABA, Miloud AOUISSAT and Nathira SAIDI-MEHTAR
Date : 2015-04-21 Volume : 7

The knowledge of the genetic relationship and admixture among historical populations having kinship relation is crucial for conservation efforts. The aim of this study was to analyse the genetic diversity of Beni-Ighil (Moroccan sheep breed, n= 50) and Hamra (Algerian sheep breed, n=35) using 6 microsatellites. Blood samples from 85 individuals belonging to the aforementioned breeds were obtained and genotyped. The mean number of alleles per locus was 12.17. Moreover, the mean proportion of private alleles was 0.027. Observed heterozygosity average over loci was 0.672±0.179. The estimated within-population inbreeding FIS was significant in studied breeds. The Reynold’s genetic distance (DR) and the number of migrants Nm values were respectively 0.044 and 5.21, indicating a relatively high gene flow among breeds. 1427278602.php