Numerical Analysis of the Trap-ability of Norway Rat Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus: Rodentia; Muridae) in an-Urbanized Area.
Dauda T. O., Shahrul A. M.S. and Liyana, K.
Date : 2015-11-23 Volume : 7

This study was conducted to evaluate effect of ratio transformation in trapping structure of rats and to model the sex ratio of the captured rats using 3 locations of George town. Rats were sampled using mark-recapture technique for 10 months in 42 trapping points were set up in the study area using 50 live traps (25 cm �� 15 cm �� 15 cm) and placed randomly at each trapping points for 3 consecutive days and nights. 786 rats were caught within the study period and 95% of these were R. norvegicus thereby making it a dominant species. The correlation analysis of the trapping variables showed that significant (0.986) relationships exist between number of rats and of newly catched rats, between total number of rats and number of rats at 1st catch (0.793) and between number of rat at the 1st catch and number of the newly catched rat (0.691). This study established that when the data were transformed, the data were made to be closer to meeting other assumptions (of minimal variance). 1431675391.php