Nutrient digestibility study in three line cross bred pigs supplemented with spent brewers yeast
Sreeparvathy, M., Gangadevi, P., Mercy, A. D., Gleeja A , Dipu, M. T., Anuraj, K.S
Date : 2012-03-03 Volume : 4

An experiment was carried out to evaluate the nutrient digestibility and apparent mineral availability of spent brewers yeast supplemented diet in cross bred (Large White Yorkshire X Duroc X Desi) pigs. The piglets were divided into three identical groups having six replicates in each group with two piglets in each replicate. The three groups were randomly allotted to one of the three dietary treatments T1, T2 and T3 consisting of standard diets with 0, 2.5 and 5 per cent spent brewers yeast respectively. All the animals were maintained on their respective dietary regimen from weaning to an average slaughter weight of 70 kg. Daily dry matter intake was recorded through out the experiment. A digestibility trial was conducted towards the end of the study. Digestibility of nutrients and apparent availability of minerals were found statistically similar for the three dietary treatments indicating spent brewers yeast is effectively utilized by the animals. 1330779125.php