Occurrence of diseases and disorders in cattle and goat at Jhalakati Sadar Upazilla of Bangladesh
Tithi Debnath, Md. Rokibul Islam, Milton Talukder, Md. Abdullah and Ashit Kumar Paul
Date : 2015-11-19 Volume : 7

The aim of this study was to explore the occurrence of clinical diseases and disorders in cattle and goats at Jhalakati sadar upazilla of Bangladesh. A total of 75 animal’s case studies were recorded during the period from 28 September to 20 November, 2014, among of them, cattle were 36 and goats were 39. The presumptive diagnosis and management was done on the basis of general examination, physical examination, clinical examination. Clinical examinations detected 9 different types of diseases and disorders in cattle (48% of the total animals) and12 different types of diseases and disorders in goats (52% of the total animals).We found that non-specific fever (19.44%), parasitic infestation (13.89%) and myiasis (22.22%) were significantly (p<0.05) affect the cattle in that area, where as in goats, the anorexia (23.08%) and PPR (20.51%) significantly (p<0.05) affected. It was also found that the young (63.88%) are more susceptible to diseases than adults (36.11%) in cattle. In case of sex wise prevalence of cattle, the female (58.33%) were showed the high tendency to disease than male (41.66%).In case of goats, the adult (58.97%) and female (66.67%) were showed more susceptible of diseases than young (41.02%) and male (33.33%). It may conclude that a huge number of diseases have been occurring in the Jhalakati upazilla and this report may help to develop control strategies against major diseases, reported in this study. However, the future extensive study is needed to find the total feature of diseases and disorders occurrence of that area. 1429442862.php