Occurrence of goose barnacle Octolasmis spp. infestation on commercial important crabs from Parangipettai, Tamilnadu, southeast coast of India
K. Sinduja, K. Raja, A. Saravanakumar and R. Vijayakumar
Date : 2013-12-19 Volume : 5

Six species of crabs under different genera were investigated for the infestation pedunculate barnacles Octolasmis during January to December 2011. Four species of Octolasmis were O. angulata, O. cor, O. lowei and O. warwickii identified. Prevalence of infestation was higher in P. vigil (60.55%) followed by C. natator (37.51%), P. pelagicus 26.07%, C. lusifer (25.17%), C. feriatus (24.6%) and P. sanquinolentus (20.04%). Sex wise higher prevalence was recorded in female than male. 1380792695.php