On the line of Bovine plasma proteomics: A Review
Khan Farheen Badrealam, R. C. Upadhyay, A. K. Singh, A. K. Mohanty, N. Chaudhary and J. Choudhary
Date : 2012-03-27 Volume : 4

Bovine plasma proteomics can revolutionise the field of disease diagnostics, physiological and therapeutic monitoring provided their challenges are satisfactorily addressed. It is faced by the common tribulation of the presence of large dynamic range of proteins which makes the analysis very challenging with the available conventional approaches. In the present scenario, complex multistep fractionation strategies is the method of choice for addressing the analytical challenges of the large dynamic range of plasma proteins, allowing detection of substantial number of medium to low abundance proteins with depletion of high abundant proteins (HAPs) or enrichment of low abundant proteins (LAPs) being the first pre fractionation step of these multi fractionation strategy. In fact there has been flurry of major advances in recent years offering handful of technologies for depleting HAPs or enriching LAPs offering efficacy for human plasma samples, but with few available methods for bovine. Keeping in mind the importance of livestock, this pilot review seeks to summarize the two extensively used strategies: ProteoMiner Protein enrichment technology and Multiple Affinity removal System (MARS) in relation to their successfully exploration with the bovine plasma samples. 1332848395.php