Pathological Affection of Liver due to Hydatidosis and Fascioliasis in Slaughtered food animal (Cattle and Buffalo) in Chittagong district, Bangladesh.
Md. Shafiqul Islam1, Shubhagata Das1, Md. Monjurul Islam Talukdar2 , Md. Ariful Islam2, Kazal Krishna Ghosh3, Md. Abdul Alim1 , Md. Masuduzzaman1
Date : 2014-12-30 Volume : 6

A 5-month comprehensive study was undertaken to explore the status of disease conditions and frequency of different pathological lesions among the affected liver of slaughtered cattle and buffaloes in Chittagong Metropolitan Area, Bangladesh. A total of 882 slaughtered animal (cattle and buffalo) were examined during the study period. Suspected livers with pathological affections were observed grossly from the carcass and collected liver sections were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and examined by light microscopy for histopathological changes. Pathological affections were found in 105 (11.90%) liver where hydatid cyst (56.16%) in cattle was significantly higher (P< 0.05) than buffalo (37.50%). On the other hand, incidence of fascioliasis was higher in buffalo (40.62 %) than in cattle (30.13%). The incidence of liver affection seems to be high in hot summer season and in buffaloes. 1401266035.php