Population Dynamics and Milk Contribution by Various Bovine Species in Uttarakhand
R.A. Patoo, P.R. Shinde and N.A.Tufani
Date : 2011-10-18 Volume : 3

India is the leading milk producer in the world. Dairy farming, one of the most important economic activities in the rural mountainous areas of Uttarakhand, is closely intertwined with farming systems. Thus, dairying has a high economic potential in the region. Therefore present study was conducted to know characteristic of bovine population pattern and their contribution to the status of milk production in different distinct of Uttarakhand. Data on the species-wise population and milk production of different districts were taken from the annual report 2008 of Uttrakhand livestock development board. The data were analyzed to obtain percentage and ranks of bovine population in the different districts of the state. It was observed that crossbred cattle population was highest (rank1) in U. S. Nagar about 23.54% while as indigenous cattle population was highest in Pauri about 17.76%. Among all the districts, Haridwar had highest (rank1) population of buffalo about 21.86% while as total bovine population was highest in Pauri about 16.34%. Also Pauri district has maximum population of indigenous cattle about 17.55% and about 5.40% buffalo population and 4.11% crossbred cattle population i.e. why this district has low contribution about 8.03% in total milk production of the state due to low production of local cattle. In 2000-01 contribution of cow�s milk in total milk production was 34.08% and buffalo�s contribution was 65.9%. But in 2007-08, the contribution of cow milk has increased by 4.28 %, while contribution of buffalo milk has decreased by 4.3%. Also per capita milk availability per day in 2002-03 has increased from 339g to 353g in 2007-08. In milk production Haridwar district contributes maximum of about 17.19% in the total milk production of the state. So it can be concluded that the Haridwar district has maximum milk production because it has maximum population of buffalo�s and second highest cattle population. 1318944483.php