Post AI Conception Rate in Cattle at Rajarhat, Kurigram, Bangladesh.
M. A. Khatun, F.Y. Bari, M. Shah Alam, M.R. Ali and P.K. Sarkar
Date : 2014-04-09 Volume : 6

The present study was conducted to determine the conception rate of cows/heifers artificially inseminated at Upazila Livestock Office, Rajarhat, Kurigram. A total of 184 cows/heifers of different breed, age, season, body weight and parity were selected and artificial insemination was performed by using frozen semen. The cows were inseminated between 6-20 hrs. of onset of heat. All cows were examined for pregnancy by rectal palpation of genital tract at 80-90 days post AI. One hundred and seven were inseminated 1 or 2 times and 77 animals for 3 and more services. Out of 184 animals 101 animals were conceived and 83 animals did not conceived. The overall conception rates were 54.9%. A significantly decreased conception rate (p<0.01) was observed in age group more than 8 years than other groups. Cows received insemination at parity 1 showed highest conception rate (73%) and cows received insemination at parity 6 showed lowest conception rate (25%). The overall and within group conception rate percentage in Local (52.9%) and Friesian cross (62.3%) cows/heifers were relatively higher than that of Sahiwal cross (40%). However the difference was not significant (p>0.05).The conception rate was observed significantly higher (78.9%) in the cows which were inseminated in spring than the cows were inseminated in summer (29.8%), winter (72.1%) and rainy (35.7%) season. The conception rate was significantly higher (p<0.01) in 1st and 2nd service compared with 3rd services (89.7% vs 6.5%). A proportion of cows, which failed to conceive in the first service repeated in second, third services and or more. 1386527992.php