Profit Elasticity of Livestock Farming in Bangladesh
Md. Mamun Or Rashid, Asif Reza Anik and M. Kamruzzaman
Date : 2016-06-14 Volume : 8

Farmers’ input cost with respect to profit elasticities for livestock farming in two districts of Bangladesh were estimated using translog profit function analysis. The objective of study was to analyze livestock farmers’ profit response. Research was conducted in Gazipur and Sirajgonj districts in the year of 2012. Result showed that for milk production labor was the most important input cost which effect profit elasticities compared to straw and other inputs. Sirajgonj profit is higher than Gazipur district by about 3.37 percent. Conversely, in case of egg production mixed feed was higher input cost compared to veterinary care cost which effect profit elasticities. Commercial farming profit was higher than that of traditional farming by about 0.95 percent. 1461819207.php