Progeny Test Program for Aceh Cattle in the Breeding Centre at Indrapuri District, Indonesia
WPB Putra, Sumadi, T Hartatik and H Saumar
Date : 2015-04-23 Volume : 7

The present study was conducted using records on four breeding bulls maintained at the Indrapuri’s Breeding and Forages Center (IBFC) of Aceh Cattle, Indrapuri district, Indonesia and 52 of their progeny born from 2010 to 2014 with natural mating method. Family selection method was used in this breeding station. Traits included in this study were birth weight (BWc), weaning weight (WWc), yearling weight (YWc) and final weight (FWc) for their progeny. The variance and covariance components were estimated by the Paternal Half-sib Correlation method with the Excel sheets of Microsoft office computer program. The mean values of body weight in total animals were BWc (13.25+1.18 kg), WWc (47.80+10.00 kg), YWc (73.97+16.79 kg) and AWc (101.87+23.91 kg). Estimated heritability (h2) for several body weights was high (h2 > 0.30). Research showed that AWc trait were more accurate for selection of bull and heifer based on the highest relative precision (RP). Breeding bull ID: 0752 had the highest EBV value based on adult progeny weight. The EBV for adult progeny from breeding bull ID: 0752 was calculated and ranked accordingly. The highest EBV of three top bulls ID were 100412, 100125 and 100317 (32.15, 19.47 and 16.36 respectively) and three top heifers were 100408, 100404 and 100518 (21.25, 5.23 and 1.21 respectively). It can be concluded that these top ranking of three bulls and heifers can be selected and conserved for breeding programs. 1423214415.php