Protective efficacy of HS new adjuvant vaccine in cattle.
M.A.R.Priyantha., A.A.Vipulasiri,,S.Rathakrishnen., P.S.Fernando., N.Liyanagunawardana.,G.A.Gunawardana
Date: 2012-05-03 Volume: 04

Haemorragic septicemia is an important disease in Sri Lanka specially in dry zone. Mass vaccination has been carried out for three decades countinuosly and the disease has been controlled successfully. Since the shelf life of the current mineral oil vaccine is limited the objective of the study was conducted to compare the protection efficacy of �ISA Montanide 206 VG�, adjuvant with mineral oil in local condition.
The Minimum lethal dose of Pasturella multocida was determined using calves and Protection efficacy of the two vaccine were detected by the animal challenge experiments (n = 16). The anti body mediated immunity was monitored by indirect haem agglutination test(IHA) after vaccination of cattle both in disease free and endemic zone of the country. Any lesion developments at the vaccinated site also were evaluated both at Bopaththalawa and Nikeweratiya farms.
The minimum lethal dose of Pasturella multocida type B strain were found to be 104 c.f.u./ ml by subcutaneous route of administration and both vaccine made using both adjuvants gave similar protection in potency test and IHA titters. In conclusion the ISA Montanide 206 VG was shown to bea better adjuvant for HS killed vaccine in forms of providing protection and with a proven extended shelf life.