Protein Misfolding and Diseases
Hemen Das, A.Lateef1a, Pankaj Kumar, B.S.Chande, M.C.Desai and H.R. Parasani
Date : 2013-03-06 Volume : 5

Protein misfolding diseases refers to a class of diseases in which certain proteins become structurally abnormal, and thereby disrupt the function of cells, tissues and organs of the body (Walker and LeVine,2000).Often the proteins fail to fold into their normal configuration; in this misfolded state, the proteins can become toxic in some way (a gain of toxic function) or they can lose their normal function (Chiti and Dobson, 2006). The protein misfolding diseases (also known as proteinopathies, protein conformational disorders, include such diseases as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, prion disease, type 2 diabetes, amyloidosis, and a wide range of other disorders (Friedrich, 2006; Carrell and Lomas,1997) 1353298545.php