RAPD-PCR: A Potent Tool for Breed Characterization in Dairy Breeds
R. A. Siddique, Anand Kumar, Raj Kumar, Manoj Kumar, P. K. Malik
Date : 2013-05-28 Volume : 5

RAPD (rapid amplification of polymorphic DNA) technique is highly informative without prior knowledge of sequence information. It has achieved a great deal of acceptance due to its simplicity, low cost investment, and requirement of little amount of DNA. The technique has been successfully applied for genome mapping, differentiating geographically isolated population or breeds, species identification, establishing genetic relationship, estimating genetic diversity in different livestock species and characterization of different livestock breeds. This technique is comparable to that of RFLP and micro satellite techniques and possibility of converting a RAPD marker of interest into a single locus PCR marker-SCAR (Sequence Characterized Amplified Region) have made RAPD a promising technique. Further it is helpful in multilocus fingerprinting in contrast to protein polymorphisms examining a single locus. Therefore this technique may be a potent tool for the species and breed characterization of cattle and buffalo. 1361784136.php