Jeetendra Singh Rajoriya, Anil Kumar Singh, Brajesh Kumar Ojha and Archna Raje
Date : 2019-05-15 Volume : 11

Artificial insemination using frozen semen is now the most widely employed technology nationwide, for improving the genetic potential of livestock. Freezing and thawing of semen can cause irreparable damage to sperm, thereby decreasing its life span and ability to interact with female tract. It also causes a leakage of enzymes due to membrane rupture and will reduce the ability to fertilize. The buffalo bull spermatozoa are more susceptible to freeze damage than cattle semen and also have low post-thaw motility. Cholesterol loaded cyclodextrin (CLC) has been reported to increase the membrane integrity, augment the strength of sperm binding to zona pellucida of oocytes, improve the rate of water permeability and decrease the osmotic stress. However, the effect of CLC on freezability has not documented much by experimental studies. Its role in protection of membrane architecture and reducing cryocapacitation in buffalo spermatozoa needs to be documented so that improvement can be made in cryopresrvation buffalo semen employed for A.I. Considering the above facts the present review elucidates the effect of CLC on freezability of buffalo spermatozoa. The review highlights the fact that addition of CLC has led to significant improvement in the post-thaw semen quality parameters like progressive motility, livability and acrosomal integrity of spermatozoa. 1549121012.php