Socio Economic Status of Farmers and Production Performance of Khaki Campbell Ducks Reared Under Backyard Farming in Bangladesh
Mst. Nusrat Zahan, Md. Kaosar Niaz Bin Sufian, Md. Khalilur Rahman, and Md. Shafiullah Parvej
Date : 2016-05-20 Volume : 8

Duck production strategy and profile of duck farmers were studied in northern region of Bangladesh. The objectives were to assess the farmers profile, production performance of Khaki Campbell and the constraints of duck husbandry in the region. A total of 15 farmers having at least 200 ducks were selected for the study. Most of the respondent farmers were middle age group (73%) having secondary level of education (60%). About 80% farmers have poor knowledge on duck diseases, they (67%) consult to government veterinary hospital during diseases outbreak and 60% farmers vaccinate their duck against infectious diseases. Highest proportion of the duck houses were made of tin-shed (60%). Most of the farmers feed the duck with mixture of rice polish to wheat bran (67%). Under the scavenging system each Khaki Campbell duck produce 233.67egg per year, weight of egg 58.73 grams, average age at sexual maturity was 119.26 days and average body weight of duck at first egg laying was 1.543 kg. The study indicates that there are great potentials for an improvement of Khaki Campbell duck population in northern areas of Bangladesh through improving nutrition and other management practices. 1454898244.php