Sperm sexing by flow cytometry –past improvements and future prospects: a review
Nazir Ahmad Mir, Parveen Kumar
Date : 2012-09-04 Volume : 4

Sex preselection is a subject that has held man’s attention for generations. The most effective way to achieve sex predetermination is to resolve X and Y chromosome bearing sperm populations. In the past, various techniques have been evolved with paucity of scientific validation. Among them, Flow cytometry, which is based on the principle of difference in the DNA content, is the best and efficient method .This technique has been suitably modified and is being used commercially in several countries with about 90% accuracy in cattle. Recently, the process of commercialization of sexed sperm hastened. However, this technology has some impediment with respect to cost of production, implementation and pregnancy rate than control sperm. Despite these limitations, production of sexed semen usually followed by cryopreservation is being used commercially for cattle and horse production. Development of the instrument for increasing the sorting rate and also purity of sorting without affecting the viability and fertility is still an active area of research. 1322909353.php