Study on sensory and quality attributes of chicken nuggets incorporated with different levels of whole egg liquid
Suradkar. U. S., Nazir. A. Bumla, A. Maria,Pal. V .N, and Jasvinder, S, Sasan
Date : 2012-11-20 Volume : 4

Study was undertaken to develop an acceptable quality chicken nuggets with inclusion of whole egg liquid (WEL) at 10%, 15% and 20%. Sensory quality and physico-chemical characteristics of chicken nuggets improved considerably with incorporation of 15 percent whole egg liquid. Increased incorporation of WEL to 20 per cent was not found beneficial. Nuggets incorporated with 15 per cent WEL ranked superior and exhibited significantly (P<0.05) higher scores for appearance, juiciness, emulsion stability and products yield. 1351747759.php