Study on the prevalence of Bovine Fascioliosis at Bauphal upazilla of Patuakhali district in Bangladesh
Karim, M.R., Rahman, M.M., Alam, K.J., Alam, J., Moonmoon, M. and Rahman, M.H.
Date : 2017-06-01 Volume : 9

A study was conducted during the period from 20 September, 2015 to 14 November, 2015 to determine the prevalence and therapeutic assessment of bovine fascioliosis at Bauphal Upazilla under Patuakhali district in Bangladesh. A total of 85 bovine cases were considered for the present study. The overall prevalence of fascioliosis was 54.12 (%). The age of the study population were divided in three groups i.e. < 3 years; 3-5 years; >5 years with the prevalence(%) of fascioliosis were 47.06 %, 54.06% and 71.43% respectively. Among the study population the higher prevalence was recorded in female 56.52% followed by male 51.28%. The prevalence (%) was higher in cross bred 58.54% than the local 50.00% cattle. Although this study period and sample size were very small, but the result of the present study will help to establish better treatment and control strategy against fascioliosis in cattle. 1494394262.php