Md. Shafiqul Islam1, Shubhagata Das1, Shahnaj pervin1 , Mohammed Ashif Imtiaz2, Bibek Chandra Sutradhar3 , Md. Masuduzzaman1 and Bhajan Chandra Das3
Date : 2014-04-28 Volume : 6

A nine year old male spitz dog of 12kg body weight was presented to SAQTVH, Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU) with the main complaint of a round localized mass palpated in the left flank region. With the clinical suspicion of a neoplastic mass, it was surgically removed by maintaining deep surgical anesthesia. Cytological evaluation of the nodular mass indicated a large number of neutrophil; haemato-biochemical assessment found significant changes in the ESR, increased total WBC count, serum creatinine level and moderately decreased level of serum glucose, total protein. Histopathological section of excised mass revealed characteristics feature of lipoma with large number of adipocytes containing single or multiple vacuole, congested blood vessel and presence of some round cells including anisocytosis and anisokaryosis, nuclear basophilia and increased nucleus/cytoplasm ratio. 1394865803.php